Recruiting Video Packages

An essential part of the college recruitment process is being seen by college coaches.  But more often than not even if players are seen in person coaches are requesting additional footage to be available for viewing.  We are now offering and producing recruiting video packages.  This package is available to anyone interested in having a video made for them; you do not need to be a member of the club to use this service.  

What you will need to do:

Step 1:  Send an email inquiring about a video made for you.

Step 2:  Our video team (working along side college coaches) will collect your information and college goals and will request you share your film footage.  We ask that you (the athlete) watch your film and pick out specific times that highlight your best playing ability.

Step 3:  Our team will review your clips and add or remove any clips to create a recruiting video.

Step 4:  We will send you a completed video for you to review and request any edits. 

Step 5:  After the final video is completed we send you a hard copy on a flash drive and a copy via email.  


1.  How long should my video be?  Typically between 3-5 minutes.  

2.  How much does the video cost?  We charge $100/minute of footage.  Discount is given to 410 West Elite Team members

3.  How long does the production of the video take?  Once all information and film is collected we are able to get the video completed within a week or less.

Check out an example of a recruiting video we produced below!!